Flooring we install


Bamboo is the ‘green’ choice when it comes to wood flooring due to a vast supply of this rapidly renewable resource.  Bamboo not only looks beautiful, it is also extremely durable and versatile, making it a smart choice for those on a budget…bamboo flooring never looks cheap.

Carpet Tiles

If you prefer carpet but have areas of high traffic, tricky shaped spaces or spillage concerns, then carpet tiles are the way to go.  Carpet tiles are not only durable and easy to maintain, they also come in so many styles and sizes, allowing you to get creative and design your own floors.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineered Timber

Aside from bringing the warmth and beauty of solid wood, thanks to its clever construction, engineered timber flooring is incredibly tough and durable, therefore suitable for both domestic and commercial environments, adding a lifetime value to your property.

Oakleaf Laminate Flooring


If you’re looking for an affordable, durable and easy to maintain flooring, that also resists wear and tear, scratches and moisture, then look no further.  Laminate wood flooring not only has many advantages but also has the ability to mimic hardwood flooring without the hefty price tag.

Skirting & Scotia

Skirting and Scotia (Beading) will cover the gaps and complete the look of your new flooring.  Matching skirting or scotia can do wonders but if you are unsure what is right for your home or work space, then give us a call for advice on the best options to suit you and your budget.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl Tiles

Like all vinyl flooring, vinyl tile is durable and easy to maintain.  Vinyl tiles can offer an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles, and have also been designed to resemble slate and stone floors.  When properly installed, vinyl tiles can be easily removed and replaced if damaged.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl Plank flooring is installed plank by plank and is designed to resemble hardwood, creating a natural timber look. Hard wearing, hygienic and water resistant, vinyl plank flooring is a great option for busy spaces without the price tag of authentic wood.


Vinyl Sheet

Sheet vinyl can be installed in one big sheet that covers your floor with no visible seams, and is ideal for both domestic and commercial spaces with high traffic and high moisture areas. The latest residential vinyl sheet design trends focus on natural, realistic visuals.